Work From Home Tips: Conference Call Etiquette

Turn on Video if Possible

  • Turning on video will help you stay engaged and let others know you are paying attention
  • Utilizing video makes the call more personal and more like a real conversation
  • Not using it can come across as rude

Make Sure Your Environment is Suitable for Conference Calls

  • Have a comfortable workspace where you can sit up and focus on the call
  • Eliminate noises whenever possible
  • When using video pay attention to what is in your background, adjust if needed
    • If you’re using a program like Microsoft Teams you can blur the background

Limit Distractions

  • Remember you are WORKING. Limit and/or eliminate distractions. Make it clear to your family when you are working
  • Mind your pets before the call so they won’t need you during the call 

Use the Mute Button

  • When on a call with more than three people, utilize the mute function and only turn-off mute when you need to speak