A man looking at a computer with a six monitor setup because he is managing cloud technologies for a local business

Confused by the Cloud?

You’re definitely not alone. In fact, as little as 10% of Americans understand what Cloud technologies do. Cloud technology is a pretty complex and daunted idea to wrap your head around. But just like us, the cloud is your friend. SimplicIT will assess your needs, and get you a unique, tailored Cloud experience.

So What is the Cloud?

A basic Cloud system is basically just off site storage that is safe from viruses and hackers. The Cloud is kind of like putting your data inside a safety deposit box at the bank, except you can still access the data from your computer. Even when you’re accessing it, your data stays safe and secure inside that safety deposit box. Keep in mind, there are many different forms of the cloud, so we’ll make sure you get what’s best for your business.

Business productivity with Microsoft Office365

Empower your employees

Microsoft has set the standard for business productivity in the SMB and enterprise worlds. Utilize their cloud technologies and take another step to putting yourself ahead of your competition.


As a cloud or hybrid solution you can now keep in touch with customers all the time while tracking appointments, schedules, contacts, and more.

Office Suite

The standard in business productivity – Microsoft Office 365 – grants you access to all of the popular programs you’ve used before such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more while keeping your upfront investment costs to a minimum!


Interact with your employees and customers like never before. Collaborate with your employees and customers using Skype For Business, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and phone integrations!

Variety of Cloud Services

Public Cloud

What is the public cloud, and is it right for me?

The public cloud is made up of providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or some other computing provider. With the public cloud you have no investment and generally just pay for what you use. We will perform an assessment to determine what solution is right for you and makes the most financial sense.

Private Cloud

What is the private cloud, and is it right for me?

The private cloud based off of your own infrastructure. In some cases this makes sense, but also comes with the capital investment of purchasing all of the required hardware, software, and support services. We will assess the current environment and business requirements to recommend the optimal solution for your business.

Hybrid Cloud

What is a hybrid cloud?

Hybrid clouds are a mix of public and private clouds based on driving factors such as performance and failover scenarios. Don’t get caught up in the complexity. We’ll guide you through implementation and management of the solution best suited to your business’ needs.


Are colocation services right for me?

Colocation services are a great way to provide connectivity to systems where you may not otherwise have the power, cooling, bandwidth, or physical space to meet the business’ needs for uptime and connectivity requirements. With colocation services you’re able to utilize a service provider’s physical space to house your equipment so you know you’re getting a safe environment to place servers and storage that is protected from the elements, physical access, while checking off all items on the business requirements checklist.