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Title: Outside Sales Representative

Purpose: Support Managed Services Business

Company Information

SimplicIT Technical Solutions is a branch of TruLeap Technologies. While SimplicIT has been in business since June of 2015, it was created as part of a business that has over 100 years of experience in the technology and communications sector.

TruLeap saw a need for an established local company providing responsive managed services. Out of this need, SimplicIT Technical Solutions was formed. SimplicIT takes the same technical expertise and processes from TruLeap and extends them to businesses and schools to Southern Idaho and beyond.

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  • Sim·plic·IT

  • /simˈplisət/

  • noun
  1. Powerful in an elegant, logical fashion
  2. Providing enterprise service for all sizes of businesses
  3. Connecting businesses to customers through technology
  4. Protecting companies with top-notch security solutions
  5. Saving companies with backup & disaster recovery plans
  6. Empowering employees with the tools to excel in their workplace
  7. Helping businesses plan for the future
  8. Growing companies through tested solution

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