All About Windows 11

Microsoft’s newest update, Windows 11, was launched and released on October 5th. Are you wondering what exactly this new version of Windows has in store for us all?

There are a LOT of new features that have been introduced with the Windows 11 rollout. Some of these include updates to Microsoft Teams, visual and functional changes to the Start menu, and cross-system compatibility with Android apps to PC computers. Overall, the software itself is visually similar to the Mac iOS, meaning it is clean and streamlined. Let’s cover some of these updates more in depth below.


Apps for Android

With the implementation of Android app compatibility, there are now nearly half a million apps that you can download to your PC! Not every app in the Microsoft Store will be available to use on PC, though. Popular apps like TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, and Disney+ will be available for download. Additionally, Windows 11 has some exciting new compatibility with Xbox console technology.  DirectStorage and Automatic HDR will help to improve the PC gaming experience.


Windows 11 Widgets

The new Windows 11 interface allows users to use widgets, customizable feeds that can optimize your daily workflow. These include previews of your daily calendar, the news, weather for the day, your upcoming to-do list, and much more! Widgets are now easily accessible through the new and redesigned Windows 11 taskbar. You can slide them out of the task bar for a bigger view.


Updates to Microsoft Teams

If you’ve been utilizing Microsoft Teams for work or school, you’ll be excited for some of the new updates to the software with Windows 11! Microsoft Teams will now be built directly into the Windows 11 OS, making it much simpler and more straightforward to access. On top of that, Teams will now be listed in the taskbar by default. As always, you can add or remove programs from your taskbar to customize your desktop.


Different Virtual Desktops

If you use the same computer for multiple different tasks such as work, school, and gaming, then this news should excite you! Windows 11 allows users to create different and separate virtual desktops. This means that you can set up different desktop views for each of your PC’s most frequently used “roles” and swap between them easily. For more detailed information on how to switch between Windows 11 virtual desktops, read this step-by-step article by PCMag.


New Windows Snap Layouts

Snap layouts are exactly what they sound like — layouts that snap! To get a little more technical, this means that you’ll be able to “snap” different open windows into a variety of configurations to change up your view. Essentially, this means no more struggling to stretch and squish your multiple open windows into a better layout for ease of use. Instead, snap layouts will be accessible from the top of each open window. Just look between the minimize button (-) and the exit button (x). The snap button will look like a square and when you click on it, you’ll be presented with various different snap layout options to choose from.



There are so many positives and cool new features with Windows 11. When you download and install it, you’ll notice the visual differences immediately. However, it’s the new functionality and behind-the-scenes tech stuff that really set it apart from previous versions of the Windows software. Unlike with previous versions of Windows software, there is an expiration date on support for devices running Windows 10. If you’re a healthcare provider who needs to remain in compliance with HIPAA regulations, or just a small business — making the switch to Windows 11 before support runs out for your current Windows 10 devices is the smartest choice.


If you have any questions or concerns about setting up Windows 11 on your business’s devices, you can always call the team here at SimplicIT, or contact us online! Finding the right tech setup for your business is just one of the many different services that we offer. At SimplicIT Technical Solutions, we’re here to simplify tech for you so that you can focus on growing and improving your business.