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Business Cybersecurity Basics Checklist

Do you live in fear of getting hacked? Is your business network protected? Check out this free Business Cybersecurity Basics Checklist and find out the next steps in protecting your business. At SimplicIT Technical Solutions, we believe your cybersecurity is one of the most important elements to your small business plan, so we made a free, easy-to-follow checklist to help protect your business. Download our guide now!

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Finding and fixing your security flaws is half the battle of fighting against hackers. We understand that evaluating your security can be stressful, so we made a free, easy to follow checklist to help protect your business. Download our guide now!
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Have the best tech. Without the stress.

Information Technology is complicated and can pull your focus away from your business. You shouldn't have to worry about fighting spam, being hacked, getting viruses, or losing your data.
SimplicIT will take care of your IT systems so you can take care of business.

Some of the local companies we are proud to be working with! We service businesses in Twin Falls, Jerome, Burley, Rupert and more.
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Managed IT Services

Outdated software and hardware can leave you vulnerable to hacking attacks and viruses. Malicious users and programs are on the rise, and small businesses are a common target. With fully managed IT, our team will keep your systems up to date, and keep the hackers away. With our tech team by your side, you can focus on what really matters -- your business.

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Cloud Managed Services

You're not alone in being confused about what the Cloud is and why Cloud-based services can be important to have. The variety of cloud managed services is difficult to navigate. SimplicIT will uniquely fit the best cloud systems for your business. We make sure your information is stored safely and securely. Even in the case of a catastrophic event, you won't have to worry, because we'll keep your data safe.

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IT Solutions Consulting

Keeping track of the latest trends, best practices, and do's and don'ts is exhausting. Your plate is already full with taking care of customers, employees, and everything else for your business. Let us alleviate some of your burdens. We will consult with you at a business level to determine the role and path managed IT services should operate on within your business. Our IT consultants evaluate your system requirements, budgets, and growth plans to determine the best managed IT services for you.

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Security Services

Network firewall security solutions are no longer just installing an antivirus and calling things good. You have to worry about sensitive information, secure communications, data retention, and federal compliance. SimplicIT's security analysts takes care of this for you with a layered approach. Is your computer security stack sufficient to keep up with your business demands? We will leverage your security solutions to not only protect your business, but enhance it as well.

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    Business Phones

    VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a type of business phone service that allows you to make and accept calls through your internet service provider rather than through a traditional phone line. SimplicIT's business phone solutions come with two primary benefits. First, both your up-front and monthly prices tend to be lower than traditional phone services. Second, you have a lot more mobility since your connection isn't tied down to a single location.

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    Remote IT Services

    Have you ever found yourself needing IT help and being out of luck because you were working from home or after regular business hours? You're not alone! Many businesses aren't optimized to work over the cloud, and many IT teams only work from their in-office location. SimplicIT's Virtual Computing Infrastructure is a fully remote IT service that you can access any time and from anywhere. So you can get the tech help you need, whenever when you need it.

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